Is casino industry good for a country


Casino industry is now a day’s fastest growing industry because the introduction of internet in common life. Casino is spreading its hand in all ways whether it is a land based casino or online casino. In reality there is a another kind of excitement and affection  toward land based casino where you can enjoy all the pleasure like dance, music, different type of gambling at the same place. Now let’s consider online casino industry, one can play the game of chance from anywhere, anytime. Protection and privacy make this industry more strong and after legalization people feel free to play gambling. So having a great history of pleasure and leisure, casino industry can dissolve you for couple of hour with its magnificent Charisma.

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Increases the revenue of the country

There are so many countries which have legalizes the casino industry in their country so that they can collect high revenue. Cambodia is finding investor who can invest in casino industry where it is very profitable to play gambling in Russia since gambling tax is 0% there. If we talk about revenue collection for famous casino city then famous as cradle of casino, Las Vegas have collected $ 26.2bn in 2017. Hence is growing its popularity as many states growing revenue. Many sate is thinking to legalize gambling and finding the way to generate more and more revenue.

Moral degradation

Casino industry is considered as base of so many crimes, not only in Las Vegas but also in all over the world. Today Las Vegas is the haven for the gambler but at the same time criminal activity growing enormously Because of gambling so many independent illegal organization has been born in Las Vegas which is involved in murder, trafficking, gun smuggling etc. This is not the story of Las Vegas but all around the world where Casino industry is developing; it is mandatory that at the same time Social Abusing activity is growing along.


 It is really difficult to say that casino is a good business, in this business there is lot of money no doubt but social abuse is also here like it is nowhere else. One of the researches suggests that the evolution of gambling activity have their own economic and social effect and it is really unclear whether the development in economy has more impact to counter the cost or it is the just weakness of the policy.