Is Casino worthy to society

There is a question in every mind that “is casino helpful to society?”Before jumping to any conclusion, Let get try to understand what casino is? Where does it come from? And what are the element what makes casino so attractive? Well, Casino is abbreviated from Casa which means “house”. Hence casino is a place/ house or space which host various kind of gambling event, which is responsible for both construction and destruction in term of revenue and society respectively. Since there is many threat and risk in casino industry, So many countries does not give a legal permit ion to casino industry. In spite of that, if someone wants to build a casino hotel along with lot of rooms, it would cost around couple of billion dollars and undoubtedly will have to get a license for it. Since one can apply online easily so there is no difficulty.

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People play gambling to win money that is the only motto most of the time .It is also true that some people play it for the fun but ultimately, it ends with loss or win of money. And wining is like as addiction, one you win, your mind will suggest to bet more and to get more and more money. Sometime you might win but it is not for all the time after all it is a game of luck, so it could be end up with losing money or with vacant wallet. Actually this is mostly the war of house and the player if player loss the game, all money goes to the house and ultimately goes to the development of society as some amount of profit goes to government. Since luxurious casino city, which attract people from all around the world as there is increment in tourism sector? Since high volume of crowd involves in casino per minute, so it require a proper service to manage the crowd. From Chef to waiter or securities to bouncer should be associates properly, in order to manage a smooth environment of casino. Hence this increases the employment rate in the society.


Main disadvantage of casino industry is it gives birth to so many notorious criminal organizations, which is a great threat for the society. Every country is investing lot of money over the safety of people and if due to casino industry criminal will be created inside the society it is really bad for the society. Although losing all the money is a disappointment for anyone. If you have no idea when to stop while playing, you can lose much money at the same stage. It can become your bad habit which will turn into a problematic condition for your mind and body.


 Hence it is really difficult to sketch a line that it is good or bad for a society. Casino is great for the country economy, but on the other hand it can destroy a family if a person loss in it and it also give birth to modern day’s crime factory.